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Reflective Cat Collar covers

Pohutu Rainbow Twin Pack

Cat Collar Covers
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100% Handmade in New Zealand.

The price is for a pair of these styles:
1) Pohutu Tui
2) Rainbow Stripes

Protect our native and other wildlife birds from being pounced!

These collar covers help protect our birds from being harmed and/or even killed by cats. The reflective feature allows cats to be even more visible to humans and cars during the long winter nights.

They are opened on both ends, so you can easily slide in your breakaway cat collar through the cover and clip it around your cat.

To make installing the cover easier, thread through one of your collar ends through the tag inside the collar and let it act as an anchor to aid in pulling through the collar to the other end.

How it works:
It is scientifically proven that cats who wear a brightly coloured collar help birds escape from being a meal.
It increases the birds' chances up to 87% to escape.

Birds tend to look for and are attracted to brightly coloured plants, so birds know to flee when a cat approaches (because plants don't normally move!)

Our wildlife birds are currently on the decline, so this is just one of many things we cat and bird lovers can do to make a difference.

The length of the cat collar cover varies between 46cm to 49cm, due to it being handmade.
The width of the cat collar cover is approx. 5cm.

They are machine washable, and it is recommended to wash at 30 degrees Celcius.