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Postage & Packing Information

About Postage


To keep postage costs low for customers, there are two ways I post orders:


1. NZ Post, Standard Manilla Envelope Postage - No tracking

    This utilizes a standard-size paper envelope and is posted via a stamp. There is no tracking information.

    The cost of this delivery method is $2.00.

    Please allow 5 - 10 working days to receive the order.


2. NZ Post, Manilla Envelope Postage - XS Economy Ticket - With Tracking

    This utilizes either a standard-size paper envelope or a slightly bigger paper envelope depending on the amount of covers purchased.

    The cost of this delivery method is $5.00.

    Please allow 3 - 7 working days to receive the order.


    You can track your order on the NZ Post Tracking website:


Any orders that are more than 2 cat collar covers will automatically be tracked.


About Packaging


In light of being mindful of the environment, orders are delivered inside kraft paper envelopes rather than plastic courier bags.

These envelopes can either be composted, or they are safe to go to landfill. This includes the paper tape used to seal the envelope.

If due to weather the order gets wet, the covers are safe to be hand or machine-washed inside a laundry bag.