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Reduce your cats' ability to hunt birds with

Cat Collar Covers

A fun and colourful way to protect our birds, cats & wildlife.

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Benefits of a

Cat Collar Cover


Protects our wildlife and cats

It not only protects against wild birds, but studies have shown that colour can also protect reptiles from being hunted! Our reflective feature can increase your cat's visibility at night.



Scientifically proven

The effectiveness of colourful cat collar covers has been scientifically tested and studied for over 2 years amongst 114 cats in Western Australia. Read more here.

Colour increases the cats' visibility towards birds to buy time for birds to escape, if they can fly, that is....


Super easy to use

Slide your existing cat collar through this cover and let your cat wear it as per usual. No need to remove GPS, bells or tags!

Customer Testimonials

Cat Parent of

 This One & That One

Haven't had a bird killed since put these on, they used to bring in at least one every week!"

Cat Parent of


When I first shared we were trying a new collar scrunchie for Maple (to stop her from catching birds), I had a few people message asking for feedback if it works - it has! Now she only brings us rubbish and steals the neighbour's socks/undies!"

How to use a cat collar cover